10 Major Uses of Mobile Phone in Daily Life

Mobile phones (also known as cell phones) have become one of the essential parts of our daily lives. Unlike in earlier days, mobile phones are not meant to be just calling devices. They have evolved a lot over time. Nowadays, mobile phones have become smart, and they are called smartphones. They are almost similar to a computer system as their usage is no less than a computer these days.

However, unlike computers, mobile phones are comparatively compact in size and cheap in price, allowing more and more people to carry this compact computational device in their pocket. Furthermore, mobile phones are powered by small batteries, consuming minimal power.

In this article, we discuss the most common daily life uses of mobile phones. Mobile phone applications can have multiple uses depending on certain needs of the user. Thus, several specific uses of mobile can be seen, apart from those discussed here.

What are the uses of Mobile Phones?

In the olden days, mobile phones were mainly used by business people to stay connected with others over phone calls. However, since the support of the Internet and a wide range of application software on mobile phones, mobiles have become an essential requirement for humans in almost every field, be it engineering, teaching, artist, medical, business as well as personal. If mobile phones are used for good purposes, they can be said to be one of the greatest inventions of humans in this technological era.

If we talk about the uses of mobile phones these days, they are almost equal to computers, or laptops, sometimes even more. However, some of the most common mobile uses can be defined based on the following purposes:

Uses of Mobile Phone

Uses of Mobile Phones in Communication

Mobile phones are one of the primary sources of communication these days. They have become smaller, and there is no longer a need to connect them with wires. This somewhat makes it easier to carry them anywhere and stay connected with the people we want over text messages, audio or video calls, emails, etc.

Mobile phones have proved essential to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. They help people to share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the form of text, images, videos, etc., with people all over the world. There are applications that can be installed on mobile phones to stay connected with people on social media. In addition, we can access related web apps or websites using the browser on our phones.

With mobile phones, students can communicate with their teachers, attend college seminars, or collaborate on a project as a team from the comfort of their homes or while traveling abroad. Similarly, businessmen stay connected with their investors, employees, and other important people over calls, video conferences, or emails using their mobile phones.

Uses of Mobile Phones in Education

Mobile phones are also widely used in the field of education. They have made e-learning (learning through the internet) so easy. People search for a specific topic using the browser on their mobile phones and have access to a wide range of related content information. We don't need to go through every page of a physical book or chapter to find any small detail. Anything can be searched on mobile phones with just a few finger clicks or even using the voice.

One advantage of using mobile phones to search for information on the Internet is that specific information is provided in various forms such as images, documents, videos, etc. It makes education somewhat easier. In addition, desired content can be saved or downloaded on the mobile's storage so that students can read, view, or watch them in the future without an internet connection.

Mobile phones are widely used for online classes, tutoring, webinars, etc., especially after the pandemic COVID-19. Due to mobile phones, many students could continue their studies and teachers could teach from the comfort of their homes.

With mobile phones, students not only access online classes, or educational materials over the Internet, but they can also create their projects using their mobile phones. There are many applications for creating pictures, videos, documents, and even slides.

Uses of Mobile Phones in E-Banking & Finance

Mobile phones are also useful for banking and financial operations. Almost every bank has its mobile application and website, which enables users to access their respective bank accounts. With mobile banking or internet baking, users can perform many basic tasks. Apart from this, many tutorials and instructions are also provided to the users to guide them to perform banking-related operations easily.

Users do not need to visit banks for basic needs, such as managing account balances, generating a statement, money transfers between accounts, requesting a cheque book & debit/credit cards, and ATM management operations, etc. They just need to log in to their account and follow on-screen instructions to perform the desired action on their mobile phones.

Similarly, there are many financial services available on the Internet which can be easily accessed through mobile phones. Users can open Demat accounts, apply for loans, pay taxes, and much more. It has become so easy to view the real-time prices and trade accordingly in the stock market without the need for any third-person assistance.

Uses of Mobile Phones in Photo & Video Shoots

It is not always possible to carry a digital camera to capture daily living activities as they are not so easy to carry. However, mobile phones these days have powerful capabilities to capture images or record videos, and mobile phones are comparatively easy to carry anywhere. In addition, we get enough built-in tools and third-party image manipulating application software on mobiles to enhance our captured images or video quality immediately.

Unlike digital cameras, mobile phones also offer some fun and entertainment-based camera filters that make images and videos even more funny or attractive in different ways. Apart from these, many professional filters and effects are also added. The latest high-end mobile phones are equipped with artificial intelligence technology in their cameras, which automatically identify various photo objects like food, trees, river, fountains, flowers, and many more to optimize the image accordingly.

One of the great advantages of using a mobile phone to capture images or videos is that it makes it easy to quickly share those captured images/videos with others or on social media. Some high-end mobile phones also offer features like DSLR cameras to make the moments captured on the desired platform ready to be shared.

Uses of Mobile Phones in Entertainment

Mobile phones have become one of the primary sources of entertainment these days. Since modern phones are equipped with the Internet, there are many entertainment options available in just a few clicks.

With the increasing amount of digital content distributed legally and illegally, users get access to various media formats, be it music, videos, movies, etc. Users can either enjoy certain types of media online or download and save them on their mobile phones. Apart from just enjoying media, there are also many applications available to watch Live TV on a mobile phone with a paid subscription.

We cannot deny the fact that mobile phones are also being widely used for gaming. Since the introduction of games like PUBG, BGMI, COD, etc., mobile gaming has evolved a lot. Another reason for increasing mobile gaming is the easy portability and low cost of mobile phones. Users can play their favorite games anytime from anywhere, be it home, office, travel, etc.

Uses of Mobile Phones in Navigation

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way navigational systems work so far. We don't need to read or understand physical paper maps or use the compass to visit a specific place these days. Instead, we can use our mobile phones to see a map of the whole world. Also, modern phones are equipped with GPS to guide us toward a specified position.

With the support of GPS and the Internet, the mobile phone displays the location on the map in real-time. We can select the place we want to visit, and the mobile will guide us about the roads and directions we need to follow. Additionally, we can always see our location on the map at any time. It displays information on all roads, railway tracks, rivers, parks, other nearby areas, and even traffic.

When we have a mobile phone, it is easy to find the nearest areas like hotels, banks, ATMs, restaurants, airports, stations, etc. All such features in mobile phones are really useful when we are traveling to completely new and unknown places or abroad.

Uses of Mobile Phones in Notes & Reminders

Since communication is the most basic use of a mobile phone, it supports an address book where users can note down or record multiple contact numbers along with their names, emails, images, and even location addresses. It definitely makes sense for mobile phones.

Modern mobile phones, often with built-in notepad applications, enable users to create or write down their to-do lists and save passwords, birthdays, events, or things they need to remember. Also, the respective application can be password protected so that no one else can access essential notes without permission.

Setting alarms and reminders are the other most basic uses of mobile phones. Users can choose the desired date and time to be notified for events like doctor appointments, birthdays, parties, seminars, etc. Accordingly, the mobile phone will ring and display the activity for which the corresponding alarm or reminder was set. It is an efficient way of remembering things at a fixed date and time.

Uses of Mobile Phones in Online Orders, Bookings & Payments

The use of mobile phones is broadly seen for online purchases, bookings, and various bill payments. It has become easy for people to buy goods sitting at home. They just need to search for the desired product, provide their address, make the payment and it will be delivered directly to their home. These days, people can order almost everything from fresh vegetables to packaged or cooked food, clothes to household essentials, medicines, etc.

Apart from buying things online, people can also book tickets for movies, trains, flights, buses, cabs (taxis), etc. Similarly, it is also possible to book a hotel room or a seat in any restaurant online. With mobile phones and the internet, users can visit respective websites or use application programs using their phones to book accordingly.

Since banking is possible on mobile phones, it has become easy to make payments. People in metro areas do not need to carry cash or credit cards these days. Instead, they can pay directly using their mobile phone. UPI is the easiest way to make payments these days. With UPI, users can make payments by simply scanning the QR code and using their secure PIN. Due to digital payments, users can easily recharge mobile SIM, pay post-paid, broadband, electricity bills, and even pay their credit card bills.

Uses of Mobile Phones in Web Learning & Updates

Whether it is learning to play the guitar, piano, and other musical instruments or cooking, crafting at home, etc., users can learn almost everything on their mobile phones by searching the internet. A variety of learning tutorials are available on the Internet, both free and paid, with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Apart from learning content from the web, users can also stay updated with the latest news, GK, GS, weather reports, sports, politics, etc. Since everything is on the internet, it is also available on mobile phones. At the same time, mobile phones have also made job searching easier. People can apply for relevant jobs and stay up to date with further notification regarding joining, posting, transfer, etc.

Uses of Mobile Phones as Other Gadgets or Devices

Although mobile phones are becoming more and more camera-focused, they are also used as an alternative to other gadgets or devices besides cameras. To take pictures at night or in dark areas, mobile phone cameras are assembled with flashlights. However, the flashlight can also be used as a regular torch whenever required without turning on the camera.

In addition, mobile phones have a calculator application by default. It enables users to perform mathematical calculations or conversions between different units. Mobile phones also display the time, which has somewhat eliminated the need for wristwatches and clocks.

In some specific mobile phones, we usually see a feature or a component called IR (infrared) blaster. With an IR blaster in our mobile phone, we can use our phone as a smart remote. It allows us to control smart devices like TV, AC, and set-top boxes using the mobile phone as a remote.

Mobile phones have also played an important role in the field of medicine. There are some devices that can be connected to mobile phones to measure the basic health status of patients like oxygen level, blood pressure, sugar levels, heartbeat, etc. Medicine Science has also claimed to have cured a patient by using mobile phone telemedicine system.


With the continuous advancement in mobile phones, they are now used for a variety of purposes, especially for making calls, sending and receiving text messages & emails, surfing the Internet, taking pictures and videos, communicating on social platforms, listening to music, watching movies, and many more. Apart from cameras, mobile phones have also reduced the need for watches, torches, calculators, etc.

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