Full Form of LOVE: What is the meaning of LOVE?

Have you ever wondered whether a LOVE is just a word of its own meaning, or is it a word that has a full form? Most people get confused about this question of LOVE Full Form. 

In this article, we have discussed and clarified the doubts about the full form of LOVE. Let's understand it:

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What is the full form of LOVE?

The term ‘LOVE’ does not have any specific full form. This means love is not an acronym or abbreviation. Instead, it is a word of its own meaning. But people create different full forms of love accordingly for different situations. The widely used full form of LOVE is ‘Long-lasting Original Valuable Emotions’. 

Full Form of LOVE

The full form of LOVE can be segregated as:

L Long-lasting
O Original
V Valuable
E Emotions

Let us discuss other forms of LOVE that various people have created and are constantly using.

Other Forms of LOVE

As stated above, the most common full form of LOVE is ‘Long-lasting Original Valuable Emotions’. However, this is just a myth, and people create their own forms of love just like that. Some other forms of LOVE are as follows:

Long Original Valuable Emotion
Life’s Only Valuable Emotion
Lack Of Valuable Education
Loss Of Valuable Energy
Life Of Very Emotional Person
Land of sorrow Ocean of tears Valley of death End of life
Lake of sorrow Ocean of tears Valley of death End of life

All of these are just hypothetical full forms of LOVE.

What is LOVE?

According to a definition, LOVE is one of the most intense feelings of deep affection without any limit and condition that we experience as human beings. Typically, love is expressed towards persons. However, it is not limited to persons or individuals and can be used for a variety of different things, states, and conditions. This can range from interpersonal affection to pleasure.

According to the ancient Greeks, LOVE can be expressed using seven words according to different states, which are listed below:

Storage: Natural Affection
Eros: Sexual or Erotica
Ludus: Flirting
Philia: Friendship
Agape: Unconditional or Divine Love
Philautia: Self Love
Pragma: Committed, Married Love

What is True LOVE?

True love simply involves two people or a couple who enjoys company with each other. They both keep on standing in every joy and sorrow of each other. True love does not mean spending each and every minute with the person you love, but it means missing the person whenever he/she is far. True love is connected with each other for years of walking, spending quality time, caring for each other, etc., until death sets them apart.

What is the sensation of true love?

True love is doing something for making a person happy unconditionally. It involves respect, caring, sympathy, trust, honesty, forgiveness, and openness towards the person you love. You stand with the person in every situation, whether it is happiness, sorrow or struggle, etc.

How can you know if you are in love?

Whenever you are in love with someone, you will try to make the person happy in one way or another. You start feeling some kind of sympathy towards the person you love. The most important sign of love is when you start feeling the same feelings as your partner or the person you love. LOVE is not expressed simply by saying 'I love you' several times a day; instead, it is something that makes you feel cared about a person.

Few Examples of LOVE

The meaning and use of LOVE changes for different people and different circumstances. This means that the word may have a different meaning when expressing a relationship with a mother, and may have a different meaning when used for a wife, children, and other individuals. It can also be used for various entities, such as food, electronic devices, activity, etc.

The following sentences can give us a quick overview of how we can use this word in our conversations from different perspectives:

Sentence 1: I love my father. (For a person)
Sentence 2: I love my laptop. (For a device)
Sentence 3: I love swimming. (For an activity)
Sentence 4: I love the burger. (For food)
Sentence 5: I love snowfall. (For nature)
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This article simply makes it clear that the term 'LOVE' is not an acronym, and there is no definitive full form of love. However, there are some imaginary forms of love that people use as per their choices.

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