Full Form of OP: OP Meaning in PUBG

When it comes to gaming, most people use the term 'OP' in their conversations. Currently, the term has gained popularity as it is one of the popular abbreviations that people are using during PUBG gameplay. But the question is "what is the full form of OP?"

Let us discuss about OP full form and other related topics, such as when do people usually use it:

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What is the full form of OP?

OP is a short form of ‘Overpowered’. The term OP gets tossed quite a lot, usually in multiplayer modes in gaming platforms. The term is very popular and very common in the PUBG game; however, it is not a specific game phrase. It can be used with any other game or situation accordingly. The phrase OP is usually spelled to elevate the importance and beautifulness of someone or something.

Full Form of OP in PUBG

When do people use OP?

It can be used in any game where players find anything that is not balanced with respect to the rest of the platform or game and is kind of too powerful for anyone using it. The term is used in reference to a game’s character, weapons, or playing tactics. 

For example, there are guns like AWM and Groza in PUBG. These guns are too powerful and have a slight advantage from other others because of their insane base damage and rate of fire. Due to their advanced performance, one can simply call them 'OP Guns’. 

In most cases, the term OP is commonly used when a player overpowers the enemy with ease. It is spelled in a very specific scenario like a player defeats everyone else with ease and re-balance the overall in-game condition. This can relate to the perfect-win and the toughest win. In such a scenario, people say 'OP’ or ‘OP Gameplay’ to appreciate the performance.

Other Meanings of OP

OP may have many other meanings depending on the region or category where the term OP is being used. Some popular full forms of OP in various categories are shown below:

Term Meaning Field/ Category
OP OPeration Medical
OP Operations Military
OP Out of Print Publication
OP Office Products Business Products
OP Open Platform Computer
OP Original Post/ Poster Texting
OP One Power Religion

Other Popular Abbreviations in Gaming

While OP is a popular abbreviation used in PUBG, it is also used in many other games. There are several other popular abbreviations commonly used in gaming, such as:

Term Full Form
GG Good Game
WP Well Played
GL Good Luck
M8 Mate
BRB Be Right Back
LOL Laughing Out Loud
IGN In-Game Name
AFM Away from Mobile
FTW For the Win
FPP First-Person Perspective
TPP Third Person Perspective
FPS Frames Per Second


PUBG has made online gaming very popular. Due to online gaming, people connect with each other and use in-game abbreviations to look cool. Besides, using slang helps them communicate faster and make their gaming more powerful to defeat opponents.

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