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PUBG is a highly popular game and has been downloaded over 100 million times on Android devices from the Google Play Store. However, the game is available for other platforms as well. The question about the full form of PUBG gained popularity when it was asked in a famous Indian TV show KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati).

This article discusses about the PUBG full form, and some other related topics, such as what PUBG is, why it is so popular, its features, and many other popular abbreviations used in it.

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What is the full form of PUBG?

The meaning or full form of PUBG is ‘PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds’. It is one of the most popular online multiplayer Battle Royal games. The game is developed and released by PUBG Corporation, which is particularly a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean video game company. 

PUBG Full Form

PUBG's main genre, Battle Royale, was inspired by a Japanese film called 'Battle Royal'. According to this film, many students are taken to an island, and in order to survive, they have to battle each other and try to become the only last person alive. The PUBG game is based on almost the same story.

In PUBG, there are several modes where the number of players is dropped via airplane in a limited area map. Players are required to decide whether they want to play singles, doubles, or as a team of four. Once players land, they can find a variety of weapons that they can use to defeat others. There are many in-game elements, such as medicine, health kits, pain-killers, vehicles, various costumes, armor, etc. All these elements help to make the game experience more realistic. One or a team of several players (duo or team of four) who survive to the last is declared the winner.

Brief History of PUBG

The PUBG game was initially released for Microsoft Windows as the beta program in March 2017. Later, it was publicly released via Steam (the online gaming platform) in December 2017. Soon it was made available for Xbox One by Microsoft Studios. The game received a good response and so it was developed for other platforms as well. In 2018, it became available for iOS and Android platforms.

Features of PUBG

Some of the popular features of the PUBG game are listed below:

Many maps and climate
A wide variety of weapons, and vehicles
Multiple characters including men and women
Customization of characters and weapons using different colors and skins
Availability of in-game military assets such as helmets, backpacks, vests, etc.
Availability of voice and text-based communication between teammates as well as opponents.
Ability to re-join accidentally disconnected matches due to server issues
Ability to jump from an aircraft and control parachutes
Ability to help teammates in difficulties using the revive option
Game replays option to see how the in-game character died

Why is PUBG so popular?

No game has ever been as popular as PUBG. The following are some of the most effective reasons that have made this game so popular:

Extensive multiplayer support
A realistic game-play experience
Voice chat availability during gameplay
Regular updates and new features
Availability for various platforms and devices, even for the lower ends devices with the PUBG Lite version
National and International PUBG tournaments

Is PUBG a harmful game?

PUBG is an online game like other games. However, this game is very addictive. It is not technically harmful if played for a limited time as part of the entertainment. But when no time limit is set for playing the game, any online game can be harmful to health. 

Besides, there were some issues where parents did not allow their children to play PUBG and in return, they made some wrong decisions, some of which even committed suicide. Therefore, some restrictions were added to a game such that if someone plays a game for a longer duration (usually 4 to 6 hours depending on the player's age), the game will automatically lock. After that, the player has to wait for some time to play it again. PUBG game has also been banned in some countries for some security reasons and public demand.

Other Popular Abbreviations in PUBG

PUBG is a popular game, in which many new abbreviations are developed every day. Using these abbreviations, gamers make their communication short and fast, allowing them to somehow beat opponents with strategic gameplay. Some common acronyms used in PUBG are tabulated below:

Abbreviation Full Form
OP Overpowered
FTW For the Win
BP Battle Points
RP Royale Pass
HP Health Points
WP Well Played
UC Unknown Cash
FPP First-Person Perspective
TPP Third Person Perspective
FPS Frames Per Second
AG Ace Gold
GG Good Game
IGN In-Game Name
BRB Be Right Back
LOL Laughing Out Loud

Some of these abbreviations are used in other games as well.


PUBG (stands for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) has made online and mobile gaming very popular. With online gaming, players also get connect with others and enjoy multiplayer gaming simultaneously from different locations. 

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