Top 25 Google Maps Interview Questions

Google Maps Interview Questions

Most frequently asked important Google Maps Interview Questions are described below:

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1) What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a web-based mapping service that is designed and developed by Google. It contains geographical data and provides routes and information to the client.

2) What are the main features of Google Maps?

The following are the main features of Google Maps:

It searches places and provides route directions.
It measures distance and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).
It helps in getting traffic information.
It receives verbal instructions.
It provides location sharing and location editing.
It displays the street view.

3) Does Google Maps have APIs?

Yes, Google Maps have APIs. The Google Maps APIs allow developers to embed Google Maps into web pages and access the data from Google Maps. This enables them to display Google Maps on their web-pages with either simple or extensive customization. One can select different products (such as Routes or Places etc.) because of linked API. 

4) What is Google Maps API?

The Google Maps API is a robust tool that allows users to create a custom map or searchable map. It also helps users to add several other features with the created maps. For example- Check-in functions, data synchronization, plan routes, mark or share location, etc.

5) What are the available APIs in Google Maps?

There are several APIs available in Google Maps:

Web APIs

Google Maps JavaScript API
Google Street View Image API
Google Static Maps API
Google Maps Embed API

Web Service APIs

Google Maps Directions API
Google Maps Elevation API
Google Maps Distance Matrix API
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps Geolocation API
Google Maps Time Zone API
Google Maps Roads API
Google Places API Web Service

Mobile APIs

Google Maps Android API
Google Places API for Android
Google Maps SDK for iOS
Google Places API for iOS

6) Which API do we need actually?

The selection of APIs depends upon your requirements. Each API has a different functional use.

7) Is Google Maps API free?

Google Maps APIs are free to use for a wide variety of use-cases, with complimentary usage limits and consistent overage pricing for the use of standard APIs. There are also annual contracts available for business implementations.

APIs without usage limits:

Google Maps Android API
Google Maps SDK for iOS
Google Maps Embed API
Google Erath API

APIs with usage limits:

Google Maps JavaScript API
Google Static Maps API
Google Street View Image API
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps Geolocation API
Google Maps Roads API
Google Maps Directions API
Google Maps Distance Matrix API
Google Maps Elevation API
Google Maps Time Zone API

8) Write down the steps to load Google Maps on a web page.

The steps to load the Google Maps on a web page are given below:

I) Create a simple HTML Page.

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II) Load Google Maps API using a script tag between head tags. 

III) Create a container element using a div tag that can hold the Map. It will look like this:


<!--Load Google Maps API using javascript -->
    <script src= ""> </script>

<!--Create a container to load Google Map inside -->
    <div id="sampleContainer"  style = "width:900px;  height:580px;"> </div>

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IV) Define Google Map Options.
Google Maps provides the following options:


var mapOptions = {
                  center:new google.maps.LatLng(17.240498, 82.287598),
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V) Map Object Creation
Map is created by JavaScript class which is known as Map.

var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("mapContainer"), mapOptions);
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VI) Load the Map
The Map is loaded either by loadmap() method or adding DOM listner.

google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', loadMap);
<body onload = "loadMap()">
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9) How many types of Google Maps are there?

There are four types of Google Maps:

Road Map – It is the default type of Google Maps. It displays the default road map interface.

Satellite – It displays Google Earth satellite-based images.

Hybrid – It displays both the general and satellite views.

Terrain – It displays a physical map including the territory information.

10) Is there any way to change the zoom in Google Maps?

Yes, it is possible to change the zoom value in Google Maps. The value of the zoom can be increased or decreased by changing the zoom feature in the map option.

The following is the syntax where zoom-value can be modified according to the requirements:

var mapOptions = { 
zoom:required zoom value 
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11) Can we change the language in Google Maps?

Yes, we can change the language in Google Maps. The default language of Google Maps is English. However, it can be changed by adding the language option in the URL. e.g.,

<script src = ""></script>
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12) What are the User Interface controls available in Google Maps?

Google Maps has many user-friendly control options that help users to easily interact with the map. Google Maps allow users to add, customize and disable these controls according to the requirements. The default controls are:

Zoom – There are two buttons ‘’+” and “-” in the bottom right corner of the Google Maps that can be used to control the zoom level of the Map.

Pan – It is used for panning the Map.

Map-Type – It is used to change the view of Google Maps. For example – Satellite view, Road map view or Terrain. The control option is available on the top right corner of the Map.

Street View – It is used to get the street view of the specific location. To use this option, the user needs to drag the Pegman icon.

13) What do you understand by GIS?

The term 'GIS' is an acronym of “Geographic Information System”. It is a framework that is designed to analyze, capture, store, manipulate, and display all types of geographic information. Geography is the key word for Google Maps because it is based on spatial data.

14) Categorize GIS types?

GIS can be divided into the following two categories:

Vector – Spatially referenced data that is represented by a vector. 

Raster – Raster forms (including imagery) and attribute tables, represented in a tabular form.

15) List the components of GIS.

There are six known components of GIS, as listed below:


Previously, there were only five GIS components.

16) What does GPS stand for? How does it work? 

GPS stands for ‘Global Positioning System’. It is defined as a satellite-based navigation system. GPS is a network of several satellites (around 30 satellites) orbiting around the Earth. The GPS receiver in our devices intercepts these signals and calculates its distance from four or more GPS satellites. Depending on the distance calculations, it displays the exact position of the device on the Earth. 

17) What is the main difference between GIS and GPS?

GIS is a computer program that helps people to use satellite data, whereas, GPS uses satellites that gather information to display the location of the individuals.

18) Differentiate google maps and google earth.

Google Maps contains all the information about navigation. It provides lightweight point-to-point navigation with only a small hint of the satellite. However, Google Earth displays the full 3D view of satellite data and only a small subset of location information. Google Erath does not provide point-to-point navigation.

19) What is Overlay in Google Maps?

Overlays are objects on the Google Maps that are tied on specified latitude/longitude coordinates. Google Maps provides different types of overlays:

Circle and Rectangle
Info Windows
Custom Overlays

20) What is Marker is Google Maps?

Google Maps provides a tool that is used to mark a location on a map, known as a Marker. Marker uses different types of symbols to mark the location with categories. These symbols can be set and customized manually.

21) What is polyline in Google Maps? How a polyline can be added and deleted?

A polyline is a line that is drawn through a series of coordinates in an ordered sequence.

A polyline can be added by passing the object to the following method:
setMap (MapObject)
A polyline can be deleted by passing the null value:
setMap ()

22) What is Info Windows in Google Maps? Write down the important properties of Info Windows.

Info Windows is used to attach any information to the map. It displays content within a popup balloon on the top of a Google Maps. Info windows can be added on Google Maps by using google.maps.InfoWindow class.

Some of the important properties of Info Windows are:

Content – This option allows us to pass our content in string format.

Position – This option allows us to choose the position of the Info Windows.

MaxWidth – This option allows us to specify the maximum width of the Info Windows in pixels.

23) Is there any option to use Google Maps on a web-page without using Google Maps APIs?

Yes, Google Maps also allows users to embed the map without using the Google Maps APIs. Google made it for the people who do not have programming knowledge.

To learn how you can do this, click here.

24) What are the Events in Google Maps?

Events are activities that happen at a specific time period. Google Maps makes use of JavaScript codes to handle events.

25) Which method is used to add Event Listener in Google Maps?

One can use the addListener() method to add an Event Listener in Google Maps.

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