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There are about 8.7 million species in the natural world, which are still in the counting stage and the vast majority are still unidentified. Similarly, each different type of animal or species has different sizes, shapes, and categories. Some of them can be easily domesticated and sociable, while others can be naturally wild. Dogs are one such animal type that is friendly, intelligent, and can understand human emotions. Dogs are one of the best pets that a person can have.

In this article, we will learn an essay on dog. This article covers the essay in a clean and simple presentation explaining the importance of dogs, their characteristics, and breeds in more than 1500 words. In addition, it includes a 10-line essay for students and children looking for a short essay on dog


The dogs are very faithful, domestic pet animals. Because dogs are faithful and loyal to their owners, they are also said to be humans' best friends. They have two lovely eyes, two ears, four legs, sharp teeth, a mouth, a nose, and a small tail on their back. Dogs have thick hairs on their entire body, which can be small to long depending on the breed.

Although most of the time dogs are seen as domestic animals and kept as pets, they can also grow into the wild if not trained well or not kept among loving people. In addition, many dogs that are not owned by people become street dogs.

Essay on Dog

Dogs are found everywhere in the world. They can run fast, bark loudly, and sense a variety of dangers. Moreover, they have many qualities, such as a powerful sense of smell, deep hearing quality, and swimming in water. It would not be wrong if we say that dogs are the most loyal pets in the world.

Characteristics of Dogs

Some essential characteristics of dogs are as follows:

Colour: Dogs can be of a wide range of colors. They can be of single colors or mixed colors. Dogs are usually black, white, brown, and red. However, they can vary greatly in color.

Size: Dogs are found in different sizes depending on their breeds. Most dogs come in small to medium sizes. However, some breeds are large, heavy, and powerful. Generally, English dogs are larger as compared to common dogs in other regions.

Food: Depending on how dogs are treated, they can eat most things. Generally, dogs like to eat bread, meat, and dairy products. However, it has also been observed that dogs living with herbivores also eat specific vegetables and fruits.  

Habits: Dogs are loyal animals and they generally like to be around their owners. They love to play and eat. They acknowledge their masters and express their feelings by wagging their tails and barking. Also, when they see a stranger doing suspicious activities, they bark angrily.

Usefulness: Dogs can be really useful in how they are trained. Usually, they help us to be happy and enjoy the moments of our life. But, they also help keep their owners safe from thieves. They keep an eye on such threats or dangers day and night.

Importance of Dogs

Because of their different colors and sizes, they can be so cute. Also, they do cute and loving activities that would make anyone happy. It usually helps in reducing stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression and encourages people to enjoy the moments of life. Dogs always provide valuable companionship for older adults.

Dogs have great importance in human life. They are not just recreational animals. Instead, they can sometimes be so important because of powerful smell senses quality, and cleverness. They are keen to defend their owners, and they usually do not leave their owners. Whether the owners are rich or poor, they always love and protect the owners.

Also, some dogs are trained in such a way that they can smell and trace things. Because of this quality, they help people to find illegal things or even people. In addition, some dogs are trained to detect changes in people based on their medical conditions. Such dogs can also sense different ailments in people and start barking or howling to tell if the person is suffering from something. 

Dogs’ Breeds

There is a wide range of dog breeds divided into eight different classes, such as “sporting, working, herding, toy, hound, non-sporting, terrier and miscellaneous”. However, the following are some of the most common dog breeds:

Labrador Retrievers

Dogs in this breed are generally medium-large in size. They are gentle and love humans. In addition, they make good companions and are bred by people to work as assistance dogs.

German Shepherd

Dogs of this breed are known as sheepdogs. They are highly intelligent and known for their loyalty, courage, and excellent guarding instincts. German Shepherd Dogs are mostly bred to serve as police dogs, guard dogs, and rescue dogs.

Golden Retriever

Dogs of this breed are known to be intelligent, affectionate, and even temperamental. Despite this, they do not bark unnecessarily, which makes them good watchdogs.


Dogs of this breed are considered good as pet dogs. However, they often become aggressive, especially when they feel threatened or disliked activity around them.


Dogs of this breed are small, compact, and hardy. Beagles are active companions for children and adults alike. Usually, they are funny. However, being hounds, they can also be stubborn. They require patience, creative training techniques.


Dogs of this breed are highly aggressive and dominant. Also, they seem to be more active and intelligent.

Life Span of Dogs

The average life span of dogs is thought to be around 10 to 13 years. Lifespan usually depends on the size and breeds of the dogs. Generally, smaller-sized dogs have a longer lifespan than heavier or larger-sized dogs. 

In addition, different breeds of dogs depend on the specific environment or weather conditions. If they are not kept in a favorable climate, they may not survive for long. For example, some dogs with thick and very fine long hair that survive in cold climates will be problematic for them to keep in hot climates. This significantly affects the life span of dogs.

How do we calculate the age of dogs?

Usually, we calculate the age of dogs in human years. According to some research, the first year of a dog's life is equal to 15 years of human life. The second year of a dog's life is approximately equal to 9 years of human life. After that, each individual year of a dog's life equates to about four to five years of human life.

Need for Dogs

Dogs can be trained to find specific things and are called detection dogs. They are usually employed to work with their masters to locate suspicious and explosive things at various places, especially at airports, stations, borders, schools, etc. 

Despite this, dogs are also needed during hunting and tracking. They help people locate their prey or direct them to a particular location to make hunting easier. Some popular hunting or tracking dogs are the Labrador Retriever, Bloodhound, American Foxhound, Golden Retriever, Pointer, and Beagle.

10 Lines Essay on Dog

The following points discuss the short essay or 10 lines essay on dogs:

Dogs are the most loyal and highly intelligent animals. They are best known for helping their owners to be safe from thieves and robbers.

Dogs have four legs (sometimes, the front two legs act as arms, while the others act as legs), two eyes, two ears, sharp teeth, and a tail.

There are different breeds of dogs around the world and they can be small or big with different colors.

Dogs are blessed with a strong sense of smell. They never forget anyone they meet due to this quality.

Dogs are always one of the most cautious animals when sleeping. They usually hear each and every slightest noise while they are asleep, even if the noise is too low for a human to hear.

Dogs can understand human emotions and react to their owners accordingly. They can be our best friends sometimes when we are sad and we have no one around.

Dogs communicate by barking. Whenever they feel suspicious or have a sense of danger, or are threatened, they bark to get attention or to inform their owners.

Dogs usually show their happiness and anger by wagging their tails.

Dogs are omnivorous and eat bread, rice, meat, dairy products, etc.

Dogs are selfless animals and love unconditionally. In return, they only expect a little care, affection, and love from their owners.

Wrapping Up

When we write an essay on dog, we should not be limited to just paragraphs. It is always a better idea to mix the essay with headings and points to make it easier for the reader to understand. The article discusses all the essential details along with an essay on dogs, including a 10 lines essay for people looking for a quick and short essay on dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are dogs classified and how do they communicate?

Dogs are generally classified on the basis of the family of gray wolves. When it comes to communication, dogs usually bark and howl. They bark when they sense danger or anything suspicious, while they howl like homing beacons to get people's attention.

What is the sound frequency that dogs can usually hear?

Dogs can typically hear sound frequencies between 67–45,000 Hz, while humans can hear 64–23,000 Hz. This simply indicates that dogs have a higher hearing power than humans, which makes them help to hear extremely loud or high-pitched sounds.

What is the typical lifespan of Dog?

The typical lifespan of dogs is 10 to 13 years; however, this varies depending on the breeds and conditions of the surrounding area. In general, smaller-sized dogs tend to live longer than giant dogs such as mastiffs.

What are the five major characteristics of dogs?

Although the dogs have a distinct range of characteristics, the five most common are listed below:
Dogs are loyal and highly intelligent pet animals.
Dogs can understand human emotions.
Dogs are selfless and give unconditional love.
Dogs can have different colors and sizes based on their breed.
Dogs have powerful smelling senses.

How are dogs therapeutic?

Dogs entertain people, reduce stress and anxiety, and make them mentally fit, happy and positive. Along with their powerful sniffing quality, when they are trained, they also help the police find bombs, explosives, and other traceable things. In this way, dogs also help in protecting the environment to some extent.

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