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If you are looking to share your technical knowledge and experience with us, then you are in the right place. Those people are also welcome who are new in blogging and looking for opportunities to grow their blogs by writing guest posts. TutorialsMate is looking to help those people to create a brand for themselves by contributing to the fastest growing blog on the internet.

Why should you join TutorialsMate?

TutorialsMate is aiming to provide a platform for all techie bloggers who are looking to reach out to people and share their knowledge and experience with them. If you are interested in technology, we invite you to create a guest post.

As a blogger, I am always looking to find new authors who can contribute here. If you have extended experience in new technology, programming languages, operating systems, website development, open-source or anything else about computer science then, you can be the perfect fit to be a contributor here. I would love to have you as a part of the TutorialsMate team.

How can you join TutorialsMate?

To become a contributor at TutorialsMate is very simple and easy. There are a few key points that I would suggest you follow before you submit your request to join TutorialsMate-

Check out the categories and find out what kind of subjects you can write on. If you think that you can write on any of those topics, then you are ready to submit your request.

The article that you are going to submit should contain at least 1500 words, including images, videos, screenshots, or programming codes, etc. if required. I will personally recommend you to go for 2000+ words to increase the chances for your article to get published.

The content inside the article should be the original work of yours. The details or information that you include in the article should be complete and provide an enjoyable experience to our readers. Your article should showcase that you are an expert on the information that you include in the article.

If you are using any blog/ website as a reference to create a work for yourself, then add a link back to their work. As a blogger, you need to give credit to the people if you use their work or idea.

Include your email id with the article. It will be easy for readers to ask any question related to that article. It will also impact positively and show yourself as an expert.

You also need to send your profile and a sample blog.

Content Copyright Terms & Conditions

Once an article is accepted and published on TutorialsMate, TutorialsMate holds the complete copyright of that particular article. That particular article cannot be re-used by the author for any further online or offline publishing.

Any article having copied contents from any other website, book, or other copyright resources will not be approved.

The benefit of writing at TutorialsMate

You are allowed to add your blog/ website link in the article, which will help you drive traffic to your blog. Apart from that, I'll publish selected articles on the homepage of TutorialsMate as well as our facebook page. If you keep sharing the articles and readers like it then, you may get a chance to join our editing team and can work sitting at home.

Join as a Contributor at TutorialsMate

If you agree with all the terms and conditions and like to join TutorialsMate as a contributor, then send me an email here:

Make sure you attach an article in an MS Word format file and keep email subject as "Request to Join TutorialsMate".


By writing and sharing great articles, you can grow your own following. If you have any kind of question-related to guest posting at TutorialsMate, please feel free to email me

Thank you for considering guest blogging for TutorialsMate.

I request you to take a minute and share this post with your friends and loved ones who have a passion for blogging.

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