The Advantages And Disadvantages of Computers

Most industries rely on computers that they cannot even process their workflows without computers. Computers are considered an essential thing to perform tasks ranging from navigation to entertainment. Computers are part of our day-to-day tasks; but, there are some advantages and disadvantages of computer that you should know.

In this article, we have covered both the advantages and disadvantages of computer. Let’s check them out:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Advantages of Computer

Below, we have elaborated the main advantages and benefits you’ll achieve from using a computer:

1) Speed

This is one of the biggest advantages of computers. At present, the computer is no longer just a calculating device. It is a part of almost every function of human life. Computers have an incredible speed that helps a human to complete his tasks in some time. It can handle trillions of instructions per second which is really incredible. With its incredible speed, it can reduce the amount of time to perform any digital task.

2) Accuracy

Computers not only provide incredible speed, instead, they can also give you almost 100% accuracy. This means that computers allow users to handle complex numerical calculations or tasks not only with speed but also with accuracy. This is another important advantage of computers. 

3) Multitasking

Multitasking is one of the major benefits of computers. A person can do many different tasks at the same time while working on a computer. A computer allows you to play songs, use a document, calculate numerical problems, use the Internet, check e-mail, and find files in memory simultaneously. 

4) Storage

Computers can store and access vast amounts of data or information. The storage capacity of computers has increased these days compared to earlier days. Data can be stored separately for years in computer storage.

Computers can store hundreds or thousands of books, documents, films, images, audio and many other types of information. Besides, you can easily find any specific file using the 'search' feature. This eliminates the need for paper and encourages people to improve the world.

The commonly used measurement units for calculating storage capacity are Mega-Byte (MB), Giga-Bytes (GB), Tera-Bytes (TB), and Peta-bytes (PB).

5) Data Security

Data Security is the process of protecting your digital data such as files, databases, and accounts, etc. The computer allows you to protect your data from destructive powers and unwanted or unauthorized users. It includes features such as data encryption, tokens, and key management that help users protect digital data on various applications and platforms. 

6) Automation

The computer can also be used to automate regular tasks such as launching specific applications or software, sending emails, scanning for viruses, and many other maintenance tasks, with the help of Task Scheduler. Apart from it, computers can also be programmed for performing several complex tasks.

For example, computers can be connected to a camera to track the movement of specific objects. If there is any movement, then computers can automatically send an alert and start recording if they are programmed accordingly.

7) Reduced Cost

Computers can be considered as a low-cost solution to earn money in many different ways. When a computer is connected to the Internet, it can be used to create and run an online blog or website, create software, selling products via e-commerce stores, performing data-entry tasks, and many other freelancing works.

It is much cheaper to start any business digitally rather than having physically. In most cases, you can achieve great success with low investment.

Disadvantages of Computer

The use of computers has also caused different problems in society. The following are the main problems or disadvantages of the computer:

1) Unemployment

As we discussed above that computers can perform many tasks automatically, this reduces the need for people and increases unemployment in the society. It has also negatively affected many others who do not have knowledge of working on computer systems.

2) Health Issues

Improper and prolonged use of computers can negatively affect your health. For example, if you are constantly working on the computer, your eyes will become dry, which can result in eye strain, headache, etc.

In addition, sitting too long can also cause pain in your neck or back, which can result in serious injury in the future. Therefore, follow the appropriate precautions and take a few minutes break after 30 minutes of computer use.

3) Cyber Crimes

There are some people who use computers and the Internet for negative activities. They attempt to break the computer's security system and gain unauthorized access to hack credit card details and other personal information. By accessing information, they violate all laws and misuse the information for their own benefit. These types of actions are covered under online cyber-crimes.

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4) Virus and Hacking Attacks

Viruses are computer programs developed to damage or steal your personal or sensitive data. In addition, hacking is the process of gaining unauthorized access to computers for certain illegal purposes. Viruses are usually transferred via email, internet download, or removable devices. 

Note : It is recommended to use good anti-virus software to secure your personal information and other sensitive data. 

5) Improper Use

Most people do not understand the real need for computers. They just use computers without any positive motive. They keep using computers to play games, chat with friends on social media platforms, etc. However, a computer is a good source of entertainment. But, if used without a schedule, it is not good for their studies and their health. This also leads to a waste of time, energy and other resources.

6) Spread of False or Inappropriate Content

Not every information on the Internet is true. There are many resources for sharing incorrect information or providing inappropriate content to users. There are many sites that provide pornographic content and there are no restrictions, even children are redirected to such websites. Unfortunately, with the anonymous nature of the Internet, it is not easy to cope with such activities.

7) Negative Impact on Environment

The computer manufacturing process produces a lot of waste parts. Also, when people change their electronics, they throw away their old devices. Such wastes can release hazardous toxic materials that significantly affect the environment. Therefore, used computers must be donated or disposed of properly.


Although computers have several disadvantages but the advantages of the computer simply overcome them. Nowadays, computers can be seen in almost every sector making the jobs easier for human beings.

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