10+ Disadvantages of Internet in Real Life

The Internet is one of the greatest creations of technology. Due to its significant advantages, the Internet can be easily seen to be used in almost every field, be it education, entertainment, news, communication, etc. Apart from the many advantages of the Internet, the Internet also has many disadvantages.

Internet refers to the connection of many networks on a very large scale like around the world. It enables millions of electronic devices, websites, and servers to connect together. In other words, the connection between two or more electronic devices established using TCP/IP protocol (Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) to exchange information is referred to as the Internet.

In this article, we are discussing some of the major drawbacks or disadvantages of the Internet. With all such disadvantages of the internet, an immense impact on human life has been seen.

What are the disadvantages of the Internet?

According to one saying, "Where there is a boon, there is a bane" and the Internet is no exception. These days, the Internet has trapped everyone with unlimited access to content, no matter the age difference. No matter how many disadvantages of the internet, people cannot even think of life without the internet in this technological era.

Following are some common drawbacks or disadvantages of the Internet:

Disadvantages of Internet

Internet Addiction

Although there are many services for which we rely heavily on the Internet, it has also become unnecessarily addictive for many people. The use of the internet is not limited only to students or youth, it can be seen to be in heavy use by kids and children as well. Kids these days like to watch online videos on platforms like YouTube for every doubt or unlimited entertainment. Similarly, students and youth are also using the internet unnecessarily, whether it is social chat, internet surfing, watching videos, etc.

In this way, the Internet has actually made many people addicted, increasing their screen-on-time and limiting their mental and physical development.

Lack of Focus

With its simplicity and uses, the internet has made people less focused towards their activities. It has affected the focus of many people in real-life activities. For example, when people use navigation for any route using online maps, they rarely focus on the route and surrounding areas/ locations. Instead, they keep checking on the map, relying completely on it. In this way, their mind is not very active due to less thinking, observation, and inner exercise of the mind. 

Similarly, students do not focus on general knowledge and even education as they feel that they can find anything on the internet when needed. There are many other activities as well. Lack of focus is also reducing the power of learning in individuals.

Theft of Personal Information

When using the services on the Internet, users are required to share their personal information with the respective platforms. For example, when using social media sites, users are often required to share their personal information to create an account and connect with others. Similarly, while using e-commerce sites or any payment-related service, users are required to share their card details, mobile number, etc. 

Although most platforms try to keep users' data safe and secure, it cannot be fully guaranteed. The slightest breach in the system will lead to the loss of users' data. There have been many instances in the past where users' personal information has been leaked from major platforms. Fraudsters and hackers are always active on the Internet and try to steal the personal information of users for misuse. 

Misleading Information

Since the internet is available to everyone, any person can run their website, making it accessible worldwide. Also, there are many free blog platforms that allow users to create their own personal site in a few minutes. People can share their thoughts and knowledge without any authentic inspection or review. Because of this, there is a possibility of getting the wrong or misleading information on the internet.

Since the internet is available all over the world, people may get wrong information while reading such websites or blogs. In addition, social media platforms also support sharing of misinformation among large user bases. Misinformation or news can sometimes cause great harm or even lead to riots. This is one of the major disadvantages of the Internet.

Sensitive Information

Nowadays, the Internet has unlimited content for different categories. Although there are many knowledgeable resources, it also includes sensitive or less desirable information or content such as pornographic and violent things, whether images or videos. Such sensitive data can very negatively affect people, especially children. There are many bad resources on the Internet that can show such content even if users do not request to view them.


Unnecessary or repetitive emails, advertisements, messages, or calls that are sent on a large scale are called spam. Spam affects human life in different ways. They can cause problems in the respective devices by slowing down the performance. Also, persistent spam can take up the server's storage unnecessarily. Besides, spam mail or advertisements may contain sensitive or violent content. In this way, spam can cause a lot of trouble to the users.

Virus Threat

A virus refers to a program developed in the sense of corrupting users' data or devices and obtaining or hacking the personal and sensitive data of users. The Internet is one of the primary sources through which viruses are deployed to users' devices. There are different types of viruses, each with a specific purpose to cause trouble for users, companies, and even governments.

When using the Internet, there are many sites that automatically start downloading malicious files or viruses to the devices. Once these malicious programs are executed, the system can become unstable. Also, people download software and other files on the internet and sometimes wrong files (viruses) are provided to the users. 

Ransomware is one of the popular malicious programs that blocks or encrypts all the data on users' devices and asks users to pay a certain amount (ransom) to unblock or decrypt the data.  


Cybercrime refers to all such criminal activities carried out using electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and the Internet. There are more than hundreds of types of cybercrimes that fraudsters take advantage of to carry out criminal activities.

The most common example of cybercrime is piracy where people share another's copyrighted material without their permission. This usually includes music, software, movies, etc. Cybercrimes also include many other crimes such as developing and distributing viruses, identity theft, money fraud, harassment, etc.

Trolls, Bullying & Stalking

Since people can use false identities to get accounts on social media platforms, they feel that they will not be caught even after doing some wrongdoing with other users or religions online. Most of the people use this anonymous nature of the internet to troll, abuse, and bully others.

Moreover, most of the people share their personal information and even their day-to-day activities publicly on online platforms, which makes it easy for the stalker to get all the details about them. Based on that, stalkers can use such details to misuse, such as using the details for fake social accounts, spreading negativity by manipulating information, tempering with them in real-time, stealing, etc.

Unusual Expenses

The Internet has enabled people to buy things using online platforms and get them delivered to their homes. Therefore, users do not need to put much effort to buy the item. Also, many offers and discounts attract users to shop. Because of this, most users do not think much about buying the products and spend unusually even without needing those items. Moreover, buying goods online also becomes an addiction for some people, leading to unnecessary expenses or serious debt.  

Apart from this, there are many popular online games like PUBG, BGMI, COD where players unnecessarily invest their hard-earned money to buy virtual dresses, cars, and other stuff. Also, gambling and betting attract many internet users where people lose their money for nothing.

Money Frauds

Money fraud has increased a lot with the Internet. Fraudsters take advantage of many methods to cheat people online. The most common way where users lose their money is through phishing. With phishing, a fraudster clones any trusted online website and lures users with fake offers. When users make a purchase, fraudsters obtain users' card details and withdraw their money without delivering the promised or purchased goods.

Apart from this, most of the users lose their hard-earned money to the hands of blackmailers. Also, using e-wallets (like Paytm, Amazon Pay, etc.) and internet banking insecurely will result in loss of money for users within a few seconds.

Waste of Time

Although education has become easier with the Internet, students often lose their focus while studying on their own. Since most of the sites and video platforms are full of advertisements and entertainment content, students go there for some rest or break during their study hours. However, they may spend or waste more time on other things instead of studying.

Not only kids, but users of all age groups can also waste their time on the internet. Most of the people waste their time on online videos where there is no limit to watching videos. Online gaming, social networking sites, dating sites are other time-wasting internet resources. Moreover, even a simple purchase from an online platform can take extra time as there are so many varieties to search on the internet. 

Always on Work

With work from home, the internet is constantly blurring the line between office hours and personal life. Due to internet access, companies always expect employees to be available for any urgent work at any time of the day.

When people work in the office, they get paid for a certain amount of time. However, when they are working from home, there may be an email or message of essential tasks at any time. Most people usually end up working for such tasks without being paid for the extra time they have given. 

Social Alienation/ Anti-social

Once attracted to the Internet, users spend more time with virtual life than with real life. They meet random people on the internet while gaming or using social networking sites. Also, people try to compare lifestyles with other online members, whether real or fake. 

Spending too much time with virtual friends usually keeps users away from their real-life friends, relatives, or family. In addition, the fake virtual lifestyle gives rise to the false perception of people in real life. As a result, most people who use the Internet have difficulties with face-to-face communication, which reduces their social ability, decreases self-confidence, leads to loneliness and even depression.

Obesity and Health Issues 

According to proven researches, when people are sitting in front of computers or other devices using the internet continuously for many hours, it often causes obesity. With the Internet, users often do not pay attention to time and spend more than enough time playing online games, using social media platforms, watching videos, etc. Because of this, people usually have to face many types of health problems not suddenly but in the latter days.

The frequent use of the Internet affects the eyes significantly and often leads to headaches. In addition, carpal tunnel syndrome is another serious problem that users often face when they spend too much time in front of the computer. This syndrome can severely affect body posture and result in lifelong health problems.


This article discusses more than 10 disadvantages of the internet. With a list of these disadvantages, the internet is affecting human life immensely. Although there are many disadvantages of the internet, we cannot stop using it these days because most of the work/tasks totally depend on it. In this way, the advantages of the Internet easily outperform their disadvantages.

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