Basic Applications of Computers in Various Fields

A computer system is generally defined as an electronic machine that helps in manipulating data by performing mathematical and logical operations to provide meaningful information. The word 'computer' is derived from the Latin word 'computare', which means "to calculate", "to count", "to add up" or "to compute". The early computers used to be mechanical and were only used as calculators to do simple calculations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

In the 21st century, computers are not just calculating devices/machines. They have evolved in such a way that people in almost every field are dependent on computers in one way or the other for specific tasks or operations. A modern computer is a general-purpose integrated device with hardware, instruction set, user interface, system software, and application programs, which enable it to perform a wide variety of tasks.

This article discusses the most common or basic applications of computer systems in real life based on various fields. However, apart from those listed here, many more applications can be found in various fields for specific purposes.

What are the applications of computers?

The applications of computer systems may vary from one field to another depending upon the requirement. The best thing about it is that the same computer system can be utilized in different areas by simply installing relevant or customized software. In some cases, there may be a need to connect additional components to the computer system. Simply put, in today's world, their applications are seen in every field of life.

Some of the most common applications of computers can be found in the following areas or fields:

Applications of Computer

Applications of Computer in Communication

One of the primary applications of computers in today's era is communication. Computers have proved to be beneficial tools in communicating an idea, message, picture, or speech between people. Computers enable people to connect and interact with each other across a wide range of distances, using multiple means such as text messages, audio calls, or video conferencing. Furthermore, the traditional email system is still widely used by businessmen and businesses.

In addition to direct communication methods, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are also widely used on computers with internet connectivity. Such platforms allow users to connect with random people from all over the world. So, users can share pictures, videos, or text statuses to show interest or convey any other message. With efficient and easy communication methods, many users do freelance work and use their skills to earn money by doing specific tasks for desired people.

Applications of Computer in Education

A good education can serve as a strong foundation for the future of any child. The computer has led a revolution in the field of education. Students can now search for information on any desired topic with just a few clicks. Furthermore, they can use computers to write notes, store notes, make projects or presentations, and do other education-related tasks efficiently.

Computers have become easy sources for various educational materials, whether images, videos, or documents. Computers have been useful not only for students but also for teachers. With computers, teachers can now better manage students' records, generate individual reports to track students' performance, and solve their queries on the go. The best part is that teachers can also provide online/recorded courses or live classes to students through video conferencing from the comfort of their homes. In today's era, many examinations are also conducted on computers using Internet connectivity.

Applications of Computer in Banking

In the banking sector, the applications of computers are innumerable, which are beneficial to the bank employees as well as the customers. A notable real-life example involves the use of ATMs, which have eliminated the complicated process of depositing and withdrawing money for everyone with bank accounts. After the widespread use of computers, banks have reduced the staff cost to a great extent. Additionally, computers have helped eliminate potential human errors.

In banks, computers are mainly used to store users' data, easily access customer panel information whenever required, process or record transactions, and issue/ terminate additional services like loans, debit/credit cards, internet banking, etc. Most of the banking operations within branches are now done online using computers.

On the contrary, customers take advantage of computers to access their bank accounts on the go from any location using banks' official sites or mobile applications. With Internet Banking, customers can transact, process payments, view statements, manage their limit on the card, apply for loans, cards, chequebooks, and do many more without having to go to the banks or manually contact the official person of the bank.

Applications of Computer in Industry

Most of the industries nowadays are benefiting from the effectiveness of computers to perform their tasks. Computers are helping both small and large industries to achieve higher productivity and accuracy. Some of the important tasks employed for computers include inventory management, managing financial accounts and customer data, creating samples or virtual designs, processing, marketing, and selling products, designing interiors, communicating for internal or external purposes, etc.

Moreover, different machines are developed and connected to computer systems for their proper and easy functioning. The user is only required to input the correct data and the rest of the operations will be performed automatically by the computer based on the instructions given or stored. For example, a typical paint-making machine can produce a desired color by mixing different primary colors based on predefined metrics on a computer connected to it.

Applications of Computer in Business

Computers have now become essential for almost every business because of fast calculations, accuracy, diligence, versatility, and reliability. With appropriate software, a computer system can be equipped with the functionality to perform specific tasks with ease. Some of such notable applications include inventory management, maintaining stock and accounts, keeping data of employees and customers, payroll calculations, generating financial reports for certain analyses or decision-making, and many more.

In businesses, transaction processing such as making or receiving payments is also much easier with the use of computers. Transactions can be completed through the respective bank accounts at any time, allowing liquid traction processing for businesses. Furthermore, computers help businesses reach customers easily through online campaigns, promotions, or advertisements to build their brand value and increase customer trust.

Applications of Computer in Medical/ Healthcare

The applications of computers are also widely seen in the medical field. In hospitals or health centers, computers are mainly used to store and maintain records of patients, make doctor's appointments, generate invoices, allot rooms or beds, etc. In contrast, pharmacy departments often incorporate computers to maintain drug records and create bills.

There are also many online platforms available in today's era, which allow users (or patients) to order the desired medicines online and get the medicines delivered to their doorstep. The user only needs to upload the prescription medication or select the medicines manually to shortlist the desired medicines.

Apart from general applications, computers have also revolutionized the way of treatment these days. There are specialized medical devices that can be connected to computer systems to monitor patients' vital data, such as oxygen levels, sugar levels, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. The availability of accurate data helps doctors to treat patients accordingly and give suitable medicines and drugs. Surprisingly, some specialized surgeries are also performed remotely with the help of robotic surgical instruments linked to computer systems.

Applications of Computer in Government

Not only private industries and businesses, but the government is also taking advantage of computers to perform various functions within its departments. There are many departments that are managed by the government and nowadays almost every department is dependent on computers in some way or the other.

In government sectors, computers are mainly employed to store, process and maintain information about citizens on databases. As the government is dedicated to supporting a paperless environment, most of the services and operations are now done online through computers. The applications of computers are widely seen in government sectors for budgeting, law enforcement, infrastructure designing, traffic control, tax collection, fundraising, etc. Nowadays, computers play many important roles in government services.

Applications of Computer in Defense

Computers have become essential integral tools in defense, be it for air, land, or sea. Generally, computers help in designing modern weapons, equipment, and tools. They also help in tracking the movement of airplanes, missiles, tanks, ships, etc., using radar systems. Additionally, they are programmed to determine target locations and launch missiles accordingly.

In addition to designing and controlling weaponry systems, computers also help keep soldiers' data as well as records of high-priority criminals in secure databases. With connections to satellites, computers help establish links between troops over a secure communication line for military planning and quick action. With such applications of computers, the defense field now has better accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness to conduct operations, while involving less risk.

Applications of Computer in Science, Engineering, & Research

Computers have become the primary tool in the field of science, engineering, research, and development (R&D). The main reason behind this is that the computer helps in performing many tasks. The computer is an all-in-one device for collecting, classifying, storing and maintaining, analyzing, and testing data. The rapid speed and accuracy allow the results to be carried out in a timely and accurate manner. Furthermore, scientists from different places (even different nations) can interact and exchange their views on the same project, which makes it easier to reach the conclusion of the project concerned.

In addition, computers equipped with CAD and CAM software enable architects to design and produce sample products digitally, making it easy to make changes as needed without wasting actual raw resources. Almost all engineering industries, including aerospace, automobile, mechanical, chemical, electronics, and biochemical, rely on computers in some way or the other.

Applications of Computer in Arts

The field of art is also no longer untouched by the computer. Designers now have the advantage of using computers to design their graphics or projects. Unlike earlier, when drawing was possible only by moving the mouse, modern computers are now equipped with touch screens which makes drawing much easier. In addition, there are additional devices such as digitizers that allow objects to be written or designed on computers directly using fingers and special stylus pens. The surprising thing is that all such created drawings and objects can be saved in the computer's storage as desired.

On the other hand, users can edit their pictures on the computer which were clicked on the camera or mobiles. There are powerful photo editing software available for computers these days. Creating animated graphics, or cartoons, is also an easy task on a computer with the features of sketching and quick coloring.

Applications of Computer in Training

Computers have proved beneficial for training purposes. In the past, training was imparted to new employees using a writing board. However, nowadays computers have been included to train employees. With computers, there is no need to manually explain the same concepts over and over again. Instead, businesses now record training sessions and use them to teach recruits for operational and job purposes.

In addition, computers also provide online training sessions in long-distance locations, thereby reducing travel costs and saving time. Instructors can also share their screens with learners to explain a particular concept more clearly and safely. Also, training on computers is very easy because of the various media sources such as graphics, documents, presentations, audio, and videos.

Applications of Computer in Finance & Accounting

Creating and maintaining financial reports for accounting purposes has become very easy on computers as there are many accounting software available these days. Such software options allow businesses to store users' accounts and other information on computer storage locally or on online servers, depending on the size of the data and the need of the business organization. In contrast, it is much easier to quickly navigate to a specific user's information on a computer whenever needed.

Computers have also made it possible for everyone to access financial services easily. As countries are focusing on online frameworks for most of the services, computers help in working through various services online. With a computer, one can easily invest in the stock market, mutual funds, crypto, and other assets.

Applications of Computer in Advertising & Marketing

Advertising and marketing are considered essential ways to increase brand value, gain user trust, and provide information about products and services to more customers, thereby increasing sales. Businesses can now take the help of online advertisements and marketing campaigns to reach a wider range of audiences. Computers help in designing advertisements using various graphics, visuals, sounds, and even video effects. There are various mediums on the internet to display such curated ads to users across the globe.

Applications of Computer in Publishing

In the field of publishing, computers are now used as an essential tool. Whether it is online publication or offline publication, computers are used in both mediums. Today, typing texts and designing layouts are usually done using computers. Images are also edited and attached using a computer in the desired areas. Typical applications of computers in online publishing include managing and posting blogs and writing and posting articles to sites.

For offline publications, once the layout, graphics, and text work is done, the printing command is given through the computer to get the hard copy of the related publications like books, novels, newspapers, posters, magazines, cards, etc. Printing is often done through a printer or plotter, which is connected to a computer.

Applications of Computer in Robotics & Automation

A wide range of applications for computer systems can be found in the fields of robotics and automation. Computers can be used for a wide variety of tasks in the field, from conducting research to designing mechanical components or operating and controlling robotic equipment. Computational robots can help automate many tasks, from small to heavy-duty tasks, when programmed for a specific purpose, and that too with speed, consistency, and accuracy.

Physical robots are nothing but designed machines that are equipped with computer technology. A typical example is the drone. An advanced example is the physical computerized robot named Sophia, a robot with programmed instructions and a humanoid body.

Applications of Computer in Sports

In sports, computers help in performing various applications, such as maintaining scoreboards, storing and accessing player information and in-game records, recording and replaying game moments, etc. Computers are primarily important in in-game decision-making when it is difficult for on-field umpires to make decisions based on what is observed with the naked eye. Computers, in such cases, help in slowly rewinding the moments of the recorded game and take the final decision accordingly without any bias. Additionally, computers also help design sports tools or equipment such as hand gloves, leg guards, helmets, mouth guards, and more.

Applications of Computer in Safety & Security

Computer applications are widely viewed for safety and security purposes. There are additional hardware components as well as software systems that help in increasing the productivity of the computer for security purposes. For example, security cameras can now be linked to computers to track real-time activity in certain areas. This application of computers can be widely seen nowadays in private and government campuses and many public places.

In addition, computers can be linked to face recognition cameras and fingerprint scanners to get the identity of any person from an attached database. It usually helps security intelligence agencies to identify and track criminals. Similarly, security cameras nowadays help in detecting suspicious people and activities in many places, providing overall increased security.

Applications of Computer in Transport and Navigation

The computer is becoming an essential tool in transportation and navigation. Modern vehicles including trains, ships, and airplanes are now coming equipped with computational technology for enhanced safety. Computational technology usually helps in sending alerts and notifications for important functions like low-level fuel, automatic security alarms, mechanical part errors, etc.

In addition, computers can aid in route finding for navigational purposes through digital maps similar to physical maps. Surprisingly, computers can also show us a precise location or live location on a map when connected with GPS technology. Setting up routes, destinations, location tracking in real-time, and locating the nearest areas like ATMs, hotels, restaurants, etc., is possible with just a few clicks on the computer.

Applications of Computer in Entertainment

Undoubtedly, the computer has become an important source of various types of entertainment, such as listening to music, streaming live TV, watching videos or movies, playing games, and many more. In addition, users can now even use the computer to play guitar, tabla, piano, and many other instruments as the relevant software programs are available to be installed on the computer. Not just playing, one can also record the activity or even broadcast it live on the internet for all to see.

On the contrary, the computer is also the platform for making all such entertainment choices. Computers help in programming such entertaining software and games as well as include amazing effects. Video editing and management of sound and many other components are also done through a computer while making a movie. Animated movies are an example of the amazing application of computers in the field of entertainment, in which almost everything is made possible mainly by the use of computers.

Applications of Computer in Home (Personal Use)

Computers have many applications when it comes to personal use of computers at home. At home, computers can be seen employed for a variety of purposes, including budgeting, planning, learning and research, communication, entertainment, e-banking, and many more.

In particular, computers are widely used mainly for accessing social media sites, listening to music, watching movies, taking online classes, attending business meetings while working from home, making video calls with family relatives, and navigating online sites to make purchases through e-stores. In addition, people often use computers to pay their bills online, and book tickets for movies, taxis, trains, or planes.


From size and performance to features and efficient costs, computer systems have evolved in every aspect. All these factors have enabled people to take advantage of computers in every field, be it education, business, medical, banking, entertainment, etc. This is the reason why various applications of computers are seen in today's era. Nowadays, we cannot even think of increasing our knowledge, resources, or technology without computers.

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