Online Interview Questions & Tips for an Online Interview [2020]

Online Interview Questions and Tips for Online Interviews
Nowadays, many companies are conducting online interviews over Skype, Google Hangouts and other video chat platforms. It is because online interviews can drastically save the employer’s money and other resources. These interviews are really efficient for both the employee and the employer. In this article, we have shared the general interview questions that an employer may ask in an online interview. We have also covered tips for the preparation of online interviews and what to do before and after an online video interview.
Most of the companies have stopped in-person job interviews due to Corona Virus. More than 97,000 confirmed cases have been noticed so far. Around 3,300 people have died due to COVID-19, the disease by the novel corona virus.

Online Interview Questions

Let’s first start with the questions because if you are ready, then it will ensure that your online interview goes well.  The key to getting success in any interview is confidence and being comfortable. This is why preparation and practice play an important role to boost your confidence. So, prepare for an online video interview with the following interview questions:

1) Describe yourself in short.

This is a basic question that creates your first impression. This question is enough to judge most of your skills. This can set a platform for further questions. To answer this question, be concise and focus on your basic details. Cover important things in short and target your answer to the specific job opportunity.

2) Why do you think that this job is right for you?

This is where your research will be beneficial. You should do research about the corresponding company before appearing in an interview. You should have all the important information about the job and the company. Focus on your skills and experience and tell how you can be beneficial for the company’s growth. Market yourself with unique qualities, something that will differentiate you from others.

3) Mention your biggest achievement of life.

A human’s life is full of achievements. Do some research and find your work-related achievements to discuss. You can also mention your work experience considering it as a personal goal.

4) How do you motivate yourself?

Self-motivation is a critical factor in every job. Employers always expect to find a candidate who can motivate himself and other team members in any tough situation. So, shortlist your skills and achievements and tell them with confidence and energy. Show your employer what helps you to believe in yourself.

5) Why do you want to leave your current job?

This is one of the most important questions and can be a danger if you do not answer this question carefully. To answer this question, do not ever try to say anything negative about the company or manager. Better target your goals and focus on the future. Show the employer that you are looking for a job that can match with your goals and position, highlighting the position for which you are giving an interview.

6) Have you applied anywhere else for a job?

Interviewers may ask this question to measure your interest in their job opportunities. Or they may check if the other jobs you have applied for really match with your goals and position to cross-check your previous answers.

7) You want to ask anything?

It is always critical to have questions ready to ask an interviewer. Better prepare your questions before appearing in an interview. Avoid asking such types of questions that you can easily search through the internet or job posting.

Tips for an Online Interview

We have divided this part into three different sections. Each of them is important. So, I’ll suggest you go through each section one by one:

Before Interview

Use Best Hardware

If you are using multiple devices then select the one which is the fastest and latest. For most, a laptop will be the best option. If you don’t have so many devices, invest in purchasing or borrowing one.

Check Setup

Test your hardware setup and learn how it works. While preparing for an online interview, you need to be sure to test the following components of your hardware setup, system or device:

Audio Settings

There are two components to test- a microphone and speakers. Make sure the other person (Receiver) can properly hear your voice while chatting over video calls. Also, check the coming sound through speakers. The sound should be loud and clear so that you can properly understand what your interviews are saying.

Camera Settings

Adjust your camera settings so that it won’t mess up with the clarity of your picture. It should not be too dark or too bright. It is better to remove distracting elements from the background. It is recommended to sit in front of a window having day-light and a solid-colored wall in the background (back-side). This will make the interviewer’s focus on you and not the distracting elements behind you.

Internet Settings

This thing is often ignored. But, it is one of the most important components for doing a video chat. It is best to plugin with an Ethernet connection for a stable connection. Video chatting or conferencing usually takes a lot of bandwidth, so, choose a better internet plan according to that and test it properly.

Choose Right Area

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