CoronaVirus: What is, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Recently, a disease Coronavirus (named as COVID-19) is spreading. It was first started in China from the seafood and meat market in Wuhan. It has infected people in almost more than 70 locations internationally, including the United States. There were positive cases in New York, California, Washington State, and Oregon. The disease has taken over 3,00,000 lives globally and infected more than 63,00,000 people internationally (data updated on June 1, 2020). The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared the COVID-19 as a pandemic.

What is coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a family of viruses that is typically found in animals. It is transmitted from animals to humans and then it spreads from one person to another. This virus can cause a range of illnesses in humans which includes common cold, flu, headache, and more critical forms like MERS virus and SARS virus.

In 1960, the researchers first found the first evidence of human coronavirus (HCoV). It was found in the noses of the people suffering from a normal cold. The name ‘coronavirus’ was discovered from the crown-like projections on their surfaces. The term ’Corona’ in Latin is referred to as ‘halo’ or ‘crown’.

What is COVID-19?

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) started monitoring the outbreak of a new coronavirus, SARS-Cov-2. It was said to be a reason for respiratory illness and named COVID-19.

What caused a coronavirus infection?

The first person infected with COVID-19 had links to an animal and seafood market. Researchers found a conclusion that animals initially transferred the virus to humans. However, more reports were found later where there were infected people with no connection with or exposure to the market. That leads to the result that the virus is spreading from one person to another. It spreads through contact with bodily fluids, can be droplets in a cough. Some reports say that this can also be transmitted to another person if he/she has touched something which an infected person has touched earlier and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes with his/her hand.

Who can be infected?

According to the WHO reports, this virus can cause a critical impact on older adults (over 60 years old), and individuals suffering from other diseases that compromise their immune system. The other groups include young children and women who are pregnant. However, CDC reports that there are mild systems noticed in children.

What are the symptoms of a coronavirus?

The symptoms for COVID-19 can be mild to severe and it may vary from person-to-person. It can take 2-14 days to notice symptoms after exposure. Some of the common symptoms of this disease are:

Fever (According to CDC report, at least 100.4 Fahrenheit) 
Potential loss of taste or smell
Runny Nose
Sore throat

People with weak immune systems may notice critical symptoms, such as pneumonia or bronchitis. 

Can a coronavirus be stopped?

Prevention is better than cure.

It is always suggested to take precautions. The best way to stop or slow down this disease is to be well informed about it, like how it spreads and what are the symptoms, etc. Protect yourself and others by following the given rules:

Avoid close contact or meeting in groups. Stay at home as much as possible.

Do not cough into your hands, try to cough with a tissue or use your upper sleeve or elbow.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 1 minute. It is very important to clean your hands before eating, after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. 

Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.

Drink enough water.

Avoid smoking and smoky areas.

Is coronavirus treatment available?

At this time, there is no cure or treatment available for COVID-19. However, there are many cases where doctors have treated infected people successfully.
There are several ongoing clinical testing and trials for finding the proper cure for this disease. WHO suggests you contact your doctor if you feel symptoms of COVID-19.

Note: CDC does not recommend you to wear a mask if you do not have COVID-19. The mask is suggested to the people infected with COVID-19 so that they prevent spreading the virus to others.

How has it affected the economy?

Most countries have locked down the areas or cities to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Companies are allowing their employees to work for home. Apart from it, companies are conducting online interviews to hire employees.
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Every business from IT to Tourism is struggling due to COVID-19 which has drastically affected the economy of every country.

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