How to Write a Resume?

How to Write a Resume

A resume is an efficient way of presenting yourself. It is the first thing that you use to advertise yourself and try to prove that you are the best choice for your employer. You must show your major assets through your resume like:

You must prepare your resume in such a way that it makes an impression in the first look. It should define that you are a perfect fit for the corresponding job. An employer hardly takes 10-15 seconds to decide that you are an excellent choice or not. If your resume is appropriately written then, surely, you will be shortlisted for an interview.

Now without making the things difficult, I am going to take you through step by step guide for creating a great resume:

Steps 1: Address Section

The address section should be on top of your resume containing the details about your name, address, phone/mobile number, and email address. It should be left-aligned. It is always better to put a line below to the address section to make it separated from the rest of the document. For example:
A-2, New Street, Haryana - INDIA
Contact No: +91 1234567890
Email Id:

Step 2: Summary Section

This section should start with a heading called Summary. You should mention your over-all experience, achievements, certifications, and other positive attributes, etc. This part is just like a movie trailer where you get all the great scenes and get excited to watch a movie. Just like that, you have to select attractive and powerful words while documenting this part of your resume.

To draft a summary section, you will have to think about your great points and make them more attractive and impressive before you write down in your resume. Because if they don't leave a positive impact on the reader, then there is no point to use those things in the summary section.

If you are a fresher, then you should mention the creative and impressive projects that you have completed at the college/university.  Just highlight your achievements and capabilities etc.
Take a look at examples below:
Core expertise in checking and billing services related to 4G technology including GPRS, VOIP and VAS Services.
A Software Analyst Engineer with having overall 4 years of extensive experience including designing, developing, and testing complex telecom software.

Step 3: Education Detail

After getting the Summary section completed with the experience and achievements, it's time to start mentioning your educational details. Most of the organizations give preference to the educational background. Hence, it is very important to mention your academic records.  It is recommended to mention your highest qualification on top and then lower qualifications in the same order.

It is strongly recommended to mention information about your position, rank, percentage, or CPI along with that particular degree or certification. Every employer wants to see a clear picture of your educational background without wasting much time. Check out the following example that will guide you on how to put your educational records in a resume.

MCA (2018) from Meerut University with 61.20% marks
BCA (2015) from Meerut University with 60.20% marks
Intermediate (2012) from U.P. Board with 81% marks
High School (2010) from U.P. Board with 79.80% marks

If you have completed several certifications and training courses, then it is better to create a separate section for Trainings & Certifications just after the Educational Details.

Step 4: Technical Skills

In this section, you should mention your major skills on which you have a proper command. First, mention all of your skills on which you are confident and then put the rest of the skills at lower levels. Look at the example below to know how can you make this section attractive.
Programming Language: C, C++, Java, and Python
Operating Systems: Windows 10, Kali Linux, and Ubuntu
Databases: MySQL

You can add or reduce skills according to your criteria. You don't have to use all the skills. If you have knowledge in any particular protocol such as programming languages or Operating Systems etc, then mention only that specific skill.

Step 5: Projects Details

This section of your resume plays a crucial role, and you must mention all of your projects and assignments in this section. It will surely create a good impact on the reader. You need to mention your experiences with different types of projects, people, tools, and technologies. Just make sure that whatever you mention here, you do have enough knowledge about that. You have to be clear about your role, organizations, year of project, role, responsibilities, achievements, etc, on each and every project that you mention.

If you have experienced other than projects, then simply change the heading name to Experience Details and mention your experiences either in bulleted form or in simple and short paragraphs.
You should start with the most recent project and continue mentioning all of your projects or assignments in a series to the oldest ones. Check out the example below and understand how you can use this section to make your resume look attractive:
Railway Information System [Meerut University]
Duration: May 2019 - June 2019
Group Size: 3
Role: Developer
Skills Used: C
This system simply provides information about the list of trains from one route to another. Using this system, a user can also track the exact location of any particular train.

Step 6: Strengths

After sharing your complete details regarding projects, you can mention your strengths that will boost your chances to be qualified for an interview. We have listed some of the significant strengths, but it is recommended to use your own strength rather than choosing the one that you don't have. Look at the following examples:
➪ Great time management skill
➪ Work as a team in an organized manner
➪ Action-oriented and result-focused
➪ Good communication and presentation skills
➪ Quick learner with a good grasping ability
➪ High tolerance of stress and enjoys responsibilities

Step 7: Extra-Curricular

This section is not compulsory because it is only suitable if you have been involved in some extra activities. Although this section can make a positive impact on your resume, especially when you have the same curriculum as a reader. Following are the examples to give you an idea of how to mention your curricular activities:

➩ Won a second prize for swimming at inter state-level competition
➩ Have been a member of football training council at Meerut University
➩ Played chess at inter-state level
➩ Mimicry Artist, Singing and Reading

Step 8: Personal Detail

This is the last but an essential section of your resume, which will provide all of your necessary information. It is better to keep this section simple, neat, and clean. Check out the following example demonstrating how you can put your details in this section:
Date of Birth: 22nd Aug 1993
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: INDIAN
Languages Known: English & Hindi

Step 9: Conclusion

Now you have successfully created a great resume. In this section, you can mention that the information given in the resume is verified by you. You should mention your name and the date at last.

Resume Template

As a bonus, I have put all the mentioned sections together in a single word document file which you can use to prepare a final resume easily. You can download the Resume Template from the given link, and you are free to modify the document as per your skills.

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