MCQ Full Form - Multiple Choice Question

When it comes to exams, the word 'MCQ' can be heard many times. Although the term is very common and most people know what type of questions MCQ is about, they do not know the full form of MCQ.

In this article, we are discussing the full form of MCQ, what is MCQ, its advantages and disadvantages, etc. This article will certainly clear all doubts about MCQ.

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What is the full form of MCQ?

MCQ is an abbreviation used for 'Multiple Choice Question'. These types of questions are asked the most in government examinations. However, they are limited to being asked only in government examinations. Sometimes, MCQ can also be called an 'objective type question'.

MCQ Full Form

The full form of MCQ can be segregated as:

M Multiple
C Choice
Q Question

Now, let’s understand what MCQ is:

What is MCQ?

MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) is defined as the type of assessment in which candidates are given multiple choices for a single question, and candidates are asked to choose the correct answer from the given alternatives. Typically, MCQs have four options, and only one of them is the correct answer for a particular question. However, some MCQs can be categorized specifically as having more than four choices and more than one answer.

Advantages of MCQ

The following are the advantages of multiple-choice questions:

MCQs are quick to attempt and take less time as compared to descriptive questions.

MCQs can cover more topics of any subject in a single exam.

MCQs are more reliable, valid, and to the point. It helps examiners to check the answers through the computer.

Disadvantages of MCQ

The following are the disadvantages of multiple-choice questions:

MCQ requires more attention and concentration because the choices associated with MCQ are very confusing even after knowing the answer to a specific question.

MCQs are complex and candidates should have knowledge about the basics of any subject to attempt related questions.

Most MCQs have negative markings and if candidates guess the answer, they may select the wrong option from the given alternatives, resulting in a negative marking for the overall correct numbers.

Example of MCQ

Generally, there can be six different types of questions in any examination conducted by a university, college, government, etc. Questions are classified into the following types: MCQ, True / False, Short Answer, Long Answer, Match, and Essay. However, there may be more categories of questions depending on the subjects and the organization conducting the exam.

As stated above, MCQ usually includes four optional options and we need to select the correct one. The following question is an example of multiple-choice questions, consisting of four options (A), (B), (C), and (D):

Q. Who is the father of a Computer?
(A) Steve Jobs
(B) Charles Babbage
(C) Vint Cerf
(D) Tim Berner Lee
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Here, only option (B) Charles Babbage is the correct answer.

Tips to attempt MCQs

Multiple-choice questions are very difficult questions because they have similar options. Therefore, it is very important to give proper time to solve such questions. The following steps can be beneficial in solving multiple-choice questions:

First, read the question carefully.

After understanding the question, apply the appropriate rule or method to solve the question, if desired.

Analyze all the given options one by one because all the options look the same. A quick attempt can sometimes lead to the selection of an incorrect answer even after solving the question properly.

Once you are sure of the correct answer, read the question again, and test the solution again.

Select the correct answer in the answer sheet.


MCQ (stands for 'Multiple Choice Question') is the most common type of question asked in almost all government exams. The MCQ includes four or more different options for a question, and candidates are asked to select the correct one among them.

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