20 Major Uses of Computer in Different Fields

The computer plays an important role in the activities of the daily life of human beings. Due to the significant advantages, the use of computers can be seen in almost every field, be it education, banking, research, medical, business, home, etc. 

Initially, there were Analog Computers that were only helpful in performing numerical calculations. But, nowadays, computers have become digitally advanced and help in performing many different tasks. Computers have helped and continue to help humans perform a diverse set of complex calculations or high-level programming and development, enjoy simple entertainment or play high graphics gaming, generate formatted bills or create automated business workflows, etc.

This article discusses the most common uses of computer systems in various fields. However, these are not limited. Many other uses in various fields can be seen for specific purposes, other than those discussed below.

What are the uses of Computer?

Different uses of computers can be seen in different places or areas in daily life. We can also say that the uses of computer systems are innumerable. Some of the most common uses of computers can be found in the following areas or fields:

Uses of Computer

Uses of Computer in Education

A good education is the foundation of a better future, as 'Elizabeth Warren' said.

The computer is helping a lot to the students and children in the field of education. They are a good source of educational material in the present day. We can get various educational materials at one place (i.e. computers) through intranet or internet. For example, pictures, videos, documents, etc.

Nowadays, computers are widely used for online classes, teaching, and examinations. For students, computers make it easy to create assignments or projects. In addition, teachers can take advantage of computers by maintaining reports of students and monitoring their performance or weaknesses, etc.

Uses of Computer in Science

One of the primary needs of scientists is to collect, store, analyze, classify and extract data in science, research, and engineering. Computers come in handy to perform such tasks. They also help scientists communicate and share their data from different places, both internally and internationally. It usually helps to have multiple scientists from around the world working on the same project. They usually exchange data using cloud storage.

High-performance computers are used in science and engineering to stimulate dynamic processes. Supercomputers have many applications in the field of research and development (R&D). Scientists like to use computers to plot and analyze data to get a better understanding of earthquakes and other natural hazards. In addition, computers play a vital role in building, maintaining, launching, controlling spacecraft, and operating many other technologies.

Uses of Computer in Government Areas

The use of computers can be widely seen in government sectors. There are various functions and departments under the responsibility of the government and almost all the departments are equipped with computers to perform various functions and increase productivity and efficiency.

Computers are mainly used for performing data processing tasks, maintaining citizens' details, budgeting, security controls, and many more operations. Other common uses of computers are found in city planning, infrastructure designing, traffic control, law enforcement, travel, and tourism. In defense, computers play an important role in the design, development, and launch of missiles, rockets, satellites, etc.

Uses of Computer in Medical

In hospitals, computers are widely used to maintain records of patients, generate bills, make appointments with doctors, etc. Almost everything is digitized with computers. At present, many online medical pharmacies enable users to get their prescribed medicines home-delivered. Patients just have to upload their medicines online using a computer and place the order like any other e-commerce order.

Computers have revolutionized the way diseases are detected as well as treated in the field of medication. They are paired with medical devices to monitor patients' oxygen levels, heart rate, blood pressure, and many other details in real-time. It generally helps the doctors to prescribe proper drugs and medicines to the patients for better recovery. Furthermore, many surgeries nowadays are also performed remotely with computers using robotic surgical instruments.  

Uses of Computer in Banking

Banking has become so advanced due to the use of computers over time. Users can now access their bank account online, check their balance, access or print statements, transfer money and perform many other banking-related tasks with ease. Bank ATMs are the best computer-based devices that help customers to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts using debit/credit cards.

Banks, on the other hand, use computer systems to save customer data, access customer personal information, record transactions, issue cards or loans, etc. The computer has reduced the possibility of error to the maximum extent. In addition, banks have taken advantage of computers to reduce the potential cost of salaries to employees or representatives. 

Uses of Computer in Training

Computers are also widely used for training purposes. At present, most of the companies are recruiting employees online and conducting their training sessions using computer software and tools. This generally helps employers reduce time and increase overall productivity.

Computers allow people to share their screens with others, allowing people to discuss training objectives, effectively show presentations or videos. Online training with computers saves travel time, cost and makes the overall training process comfortable. 

Uses of Computer in Arts

Computers have become an essential part of the field of art. They enable users to draw their objects or projects and save them directly to the computer's storage. Previously, we only benefited from the mouse when drawing. However, modern computers are assembled with touchscreens, using which users can easily drag their fingers or sensitive pens across the computer's screen to draw their designs.

There are some specialized devices like graphics tablets (digitizers) that help users to draw their graphics with a stylus. We can also use it for handwriting or signing etc. Additionally, computers also help in editing images using photo editing software and tools. Animated movies or cartoons are also created using computer devices.

Uses of Computer in Entertainment

Computers have expanded the entertainment options for people, that too in one place. They enable users to listen to music, watch videos or movies, play online/offline games, etc. Additionally, videos can be fed from a computer to a supported TV for larger screen viewing.

Modern computers are fast enough to handle multiple tasks at once, allowing people to play games as well as listen to music at the same time. The webcam attached to the computer allows users to take pictures or record videos of them with amusing AI effects. Nowadays many people also broadcast their gaming sessions on online platforms like YouTube while communicating with other members of the game.

Uses of Computer in Sports

Computers play an important role in almost every game. They help maintain scoreboards, record and play game moments, provide commentary and other essential statistics. In addition, computers also help in designing the security materials used in various games. For example, designing hand gloves, helmets, mouth guards, etc.

In sports, the most common use of computers for decision-making can be seen in umpiring. They help umpires in making complex decisions in games that are not visible to the human eye. Computers help them to rewind the game moments at slow moments and take necessary decisions accordingly.

Uses of Computer in Robotics

Robotics is currently the emerging field that leverages computers for science, engineering, research, and designing machines. Robots can be virtual or physical depending on the requirements. They help people to perform various tasks, mainly those which are heavy or complex for human beings. Robots can consistently complete assigned or programmed tasks in less time than humans.

Physical robots are machines with computer technology. They help humans in various fields, such as the military, law enforcement, medical, etc. The use of drones has also been made possible by computer programming. The best example of a physical computerized robot at present is Sophia. It is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics and was first activated on February 14, 2016.

Sophia the Robot

Uses of Computer in Safety & Security

Computers can be equipped with a variety of tools and technologies. When combined with security cameras, computers can help us track real-time activities in specific areas. Many government and private organizations nowadays use these security cameras for their own security as well as for monitoring goods and people.

Modern computers can be combined with advanced face-recognition cameras and fingerprint scanners, which can help security intelligence agencies to identify terrorists' or criminals' records using their pictures or fingerprints. Apart from this, these cameras also help in detecting suspicious people or activities in public places.

Uses of Computer in Publishing

Computers have become very useful in advertising or publishing and can be seen for both online and offline publishing methods. Nowadays, all press and printing content is typed on a computer and then printed using a computer output device such as a printer. Also, e-books and online news articles are posted using computers.

Apart from typing, computers also help design layouts and graphics for newspapers, novels, posters, gift cards, magazines, newsletters, etc. They are involved in all kinds of publications and also play an important role in blogging and content writing on websites.

Uses of Computer in Communication

In the present day, computers are so smart that we can even use them for communication. They allow us to communicate with our friends or relatives over audio calls and video conferencing. Due to modern technological equipment (hardware devices) and software such as Skype, computers allow users to share audio as well as video in real-time.

Computers have revolutionized the communication process in general. People can now connect quickly from different locations, which helps them organize business meetings, interviews, family discussions, etc. Also, emails are still widely used for professional work. Older communication method such as physical mailing system is also in use, but it also includes the use of computers for various in-process operations.

Uses of Computer in Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasting is a complex process that depends on various constantly changing factors. This is why it is nearly impossible for humans to combine all the effective factors, perform complex calculations on data obtained by satellite and other instruments, and then predict weather conditions in real-time.

However, computers can collect information from various technical sources and process it accordingly to predict upcoming weather conditions. Computers can process massive amounts of meteorological data at a very fast rate to produce predictable weather forecasts.

Uses of Computer in Industry

The industries clearly see interest in using computers as a way to increase productivity and competitiveness. In industries, computers are commonly employed to perform tasks such as maintaining inventory, designing samples or virtual products, interior designing, processing sales, maintaining various accounts and data, communicating over video conferencing, etc.

Computers have become so useful for industries to make heavy machines run smoothly. Once the computer receives the required data, it can then operate the machines accordingly to provide the desired results. For example, the user only needs to select the desired color of paint, the computer will operate the machine by spraying and mixing different primary colors to produce the desired one.

Uses of Computer in Business

In businesses, computers are part of the setup. There will hardly be any business in which computer is not used. Generally, computers help in maintaining inventory, managing accounts, preparing and maintaining employee data, creating and displaying presentations, etc. In addition, they allow liquid transaction processing directly from bank accounts, which is much faster and more accurate than humans.

Due to computers, it is easy to do a quick analysis of the overall investment, profit and loss, expenses, sales, and many other key aspects of the business. Businesses can easily benefit from online marketing campaigns using websites and promotional ads. Additionally, computers enable direct communication with customers over online chat and email.

Uses of Computer at Home

Computers are used for all kinds of purposes in homes. They are useful in online bill payment, internet banking, listening to music, watching movies, playing games, online education, internet access, etc. They are also a good medium of communication between family or relatives via social media platforms or email. Apart from this, computers are also widely used for mobile recharge, bill payments, ordering products from online stores, etc.

In present times, computers are increasingly being used by employees for working from home or for other forms of remote working. Computers have enabled employees to access company data, share information or reports, communicate over conference calls or video meetings, etc. In addition, managers can easily monitor the performance of employees remotely through Office Profile Dashboard on computers.

Uses of Computer in Finance

Computers are participating in most financial services. As many countries are focusing on making their financial systems online, users can invest in stocks, mutual funds, crypto, and other assets online using computers. Computers have made the financial system and its services easily accessible to users.

Uses of Computer in Transport

Computers have become an essential part of the transportation system. Trains, aircraft, ships, and even modern vehicles are equipped with computer technology to maintain security, provide alerts and track location with GPS. Despite this, ticket booking, tracking status, scheduling routes, and many other transport services are also done using computers.

With computer technology, airplanes can be set on autopilot mode in certain situations. Similarly, automated vehicles are also becoming a reality with modern technology. For public and private vehicles, computer technology usually helps to send alerts such as low fuel levels, light on/off, automatic safety alarms, mechanical part errors, etc.

Uses of Computer in Navigation

Computers have changed the way navigation systems work. Instead of checking the location on paper maps, we can easily check the entire world map on the computer. In conjunction with GPS technology, computers also show our live location or exact location on a map, nearest areas, and other navigational elements.

The great thing about using the navigation on a computer is that we can also see our real-time location on a map to see which direction we're headed. Similarly, we can set the route on the map to go from one place to another.


This article discusses more than 20 uses of computers based on different fields. With each new technology coming in the present technological era, there may be new uses or applications of computers respectively. Computers are helping us to do the most difficult tasks in almost every field in a very easy way. We cannot imagine a world without computers these days as most of the services of today's needs depend on them.

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