What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

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Definition of Security Operations Center

A security operations center (SOC) is a centralized unit within an organization that deals with security incidents and improve security posture on an ongoing basis. The main aim of the SOC team is to analyze, detect, and respond to cybersecurity issues using different technologies and robust processes. An SOC is a location within an organization from where the SOC team supervises the site with the help of data processing technology. Generally, SOC is equipped to perform actions like access monitoring, controlling lighting, alarms, and vehicle barriers.

Security Operations Centers monitor and analyze activities on different organizational components such as networks, servers, endpoints, databases, websites, apps, and other systems to prevent any anomalous activity that may be a threat to an organization. The SOC team always stays ahead of any kind of security threat by analyzing active feeds, making rules, identifying exceptions, enhancing responses and finding possible vulnerabilities in the defenses they have already established. Some organizations have in-house SOC, while others opt to outsource these services. However, they both have the primary aim of preventing breaches and minimizing losses due to online cybercrime activity.

How does a Security Operations Center work?

A security operations center is a team of expert individuals who are responsible for the ongoing, operational component of enterprise information security. They do not usually develop security strategies, design security architecture, or implement protective measures. However, they work together to detect, analyze, respond to, report on, and prevent cybersecurity issues. Furthermore, there are some other capabilities such as forensic analysis, cryptanalysis, and malware reverse engineering that can be seen in SOCs.

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